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How does earning with an Interest earning wallet work?

When you add cryptocurrencies, stablecoins or fiat into an Interest Earning wallet, you start earning passive income that compounds automatically.

The amount that you can earn depends on how many CNFI tokens that you have staked on the portal.

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How much can I earn?

The interest earning potential (calculated as APY) you can earn on an Interest Earning wallet depends on how many tokens that you have staked in the Connect Financial ecosystem:


Account tier






Yield - Crypto savings (APY)


Up to 5%

Up to 5.25%

Up to 5.75%

Up to 6.25%

Yield - Stable coins (APY)

Up to 6%

Up to 8%

Up to 9%

Up to 10%

Up to 12%

Yield - Fiat (APY)

Up to 6%

Up to 8%

Up to 9%

Up to 10%

Up to 12%

Are earning rates fixed?

Yields are not fixed. As with many investments, the actual rate is variable and depends on market conditions.

The APY rates shown are indicative only and fluctuate throughout the month. The actual yield per each class may be different than shown.

How are earnings paid?

Interest earned is calculated daily and paid monthly in the same asset. This process is automatic and there is nothing to redeem, convert or update.

Can I receive interest in CNFI?

At this stage, you are not able to redeem interest rewards in CNFI.

Interest is paid in the same asset class.

What are the limits on earning with my digital assets?

There are no minimum or maximum account limits on assets kept in Earn wallets.

In order to provide the highest yields to you, deposits are locked for 30 days before you can withdraw them from your Earn wallet.

How can Connect Financial offer such high interest rates?

When you deposit funds into an Interest Earning wallet, we are able to aggregate funds and use them to enter commercial agreements and lending arrangements with our partners that generate high rates of return. We return a percentage of earnings back to the user in the form of interest.

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