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How do Connect Financial credit cards work?

After you create and verify an account with us, you will be able to sign up for a Connect Financial credit card.

There are three main things to consider when signing up for a card:


You can choose from one of five card tiers, where each card tier has a range of benefits.

You can choose any card tier at an equal level to your membership tier. For example, if you have a Gold membership tier, you can select from a Basic, Silver or Gold card tier.

All fees associated with your card are charged to your credit card and will be viewable on your card dashboard.

Card tier

Membership tier







Depending on your card tier, you can choose your own credit limit from $500 to $1,000,000.

Card tier






Minimum credit limit






Max credit limit







Once you have successfully signed up for a card, you will be able to create a linked collateral wallet. When you add fiat, crypto or stablecoins to your wallet, you receive an available credit limit to use anywhere that accepts Visa, including ATMs.

You need to maintain sufficient collateral to support your credit limit:



Loan to Value (LTV)

Equivalent USD amount required for $1000 credit



up to 50% LTV


Stable coins


100% LTV


Fiat currency


100% LTV


When you use your card, your collateral remains untouched. When your monthly bill is ready, you can settle your account with cash, crypto or other digital assets.

Is the Connect Financial Visa a true credit card?

Connect Financial cards are true credit cards and function in a similar way to traditional credit cards:

  • Each card has a credit limit

  • Cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa

  • The balance that you carry on your card accrues interest (APR)

  • Your account balance needs to be repaid and there is a minimum payment balance that you must make in order to keep your card.

The key difference between a Connect Financial credit card and a traditional credit card is that your credit limit is determined by the amount of collateral you have in a linked wallet. Collateral can be held in crypto, fiat or stablecoins.

Read more about using your card.

How are Connect Financial credit cards different from other solutions?

Most other crypto credit cards are often not actual credit card options.

There are two main types of existing crypto cards in the market today, outside of Connect Financial:

Prepaid debit cards

With most debit card solutions, users must liquidate their crypto holdings to purchase a prepaid card. When they use these cards, their coins or tokens are sold at the point of sale.

This solution is not a true credit card, rather it is a pay-as-you-go solution more similar to a preloaded gift card. Additionally, prepaid debit cards may not be accepted for a variety of common transactions including subscriptions, hotels or vehicle hire.

Crypto rewards cards

Crypto rewards cards often offer ‘cash-back’ in the form of crypto on approved purchases as a reward. As the name suggests, these cards are more like fun rewards for making purchases. Similar to the prepaid cards, you may have limited control over how you use these funds or what transactions are eligible for rewards.

Depending on the provider, you may need to go through a credit card application process to be eligible to receive an account.

The Connect Financial Card

Connect Financial provides a true credit card solution where your available credit is determined by your account level and the crypto you hold as collateral in your linked wallet. Similar to traditional fiat credit cards, we have an extensive rewards program including cashback and e.

Unlike other crypto card options on the market, you are always in complete control over your funds. You do not have to liquidate your assets, apply for a loan, go through credit checks, or any other convoluted process.


As with any other financial product, we recommend that make your choice based on your individual situation and professional advice.

While we are confident that our product provides value and flexibility, we cannot provide financial advice. Cryptocurrency, despite its advantages, is still a volatile currency and only you know whether crypto credit cards make sense for your financial situation.

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