We're working hard to launch the Customer Portal and make the world's first crypto credit card available for the public.

Here are the best ways of staying in touch with us as we prepare for launch:

When can I sign up for an account?

Although the Customer Portal isn't live, you can create an account in preparation of launch later in early 2022.

Sign up or learn more about creating an account.

When will wallets be available?

Wallets will be available for funding when the Customer Portal has gone live. We are currently targeting a Q1 2022 release.

Join the Discord server for the latest announcements, or learn more about wallets.

When will cards be available?

We are working with our card providers and manufacturing partners to make cards available. We are currently targeting a a Q1 2022 release.

Learn more about Connect Financial credit cards.

When will the app be ready?

We plan to launch features throughout the year, including fully functional wallets, cards, the application, and more. To be the first to know about new product or feature releases, you can follow us on Twitter or sign up for our mailing list.

Where can I buy Connect Financial tokens (CNFI)?

You can buy CNFI on Uniswap and Ascendex. Other exchanges may be added in the future.

Where can I stake CNFI?

Staking is available today on the Staking Portal.

Learn more about staking.

When is the airdrop being announced?

The airdrop snapshot has already taken place, but the airdrop has not been confirmed at this time.

Join the Discord server for the latest announcements, or learn more about the governance model.

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