Who are the team members?

Ryan Mueller, COO - Ryan has more than 18 years experience in the compliance, security and payments industry. He has held a number of C-Level roles, including Chief Compliance Officer at Netcoins as well as roles related to financial services compliance and business operations. In the past, he has worked with companies including Neteller, RBC Insurance, Optimal Payments PLC, and BillPro.

Ryan is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist by ACAMS, Cyber Crime Investigator from IAFCI, and Fraud Examiner from ACFE.

Christo Brown - Director of Product - Christo has spent the last 15 years launching and growing financial startups and greenfield organizations throughout the APAC region.

Most recently he has held senior product roles in the insurance and Connected Home industries and launched multiple products that now serve millions of customers. He brings with him extensive experience in product development, business development, project delivery and large scale customer support builds.

Chantel Meeley, CMO - With her focus on human-centric design and experience, Chantal has been the Head of Marketing for Vogogo, where she established a global contest “Brand Me Crypto” to bring awareness and support to cryptocurrency. She has over 15 years of experience specifically focused on eCommerce, Fintechs, VaaS (Verification-as-a-Service / KYC), and global risk management.

Terry Godreau, Community Manager - With two decades of experience in technology, sales, and data security, Terry Godreau has served as the CEO of PlanetCPU, Co-founder of Managed Technology, and President of MRTG Holdings, among other leadership positions. Terry’s vast expertise in marketing, cryptocurrencies, data security, and managed IT services helps to develop and strengthen Connect Financial's key partnerships.

In addition to our core team, Connect Financial also employs a number of non-public facing developers, support staff, trading desk members and compliance analysts. We will be announcing new key hires over the coming months.

Who founded Connect Financial?

At this stage of our development, our leadership team has a combination of public-facing executives and private founders, who may become public after launch.

Some members of the team are remaining anonymous at this time due to security and privacy requirements, and to ensure Connect Financial is considered an independent entity from the founder’s own extensive history in the fintech and banking space.

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