The Connect Financial Ecosystem

Connect Financial provides an ecosystem that mirrors the seamless experience of fiat payment systems, specifically credit cards, for cryptocurrency users.

Consider the experience of applying, using, and monitoring a regular fiat credit card. You may order it online, receive it in the mail, make a few purchases, and immediately be able to review your spending in an online portal.

Armed with a seasoned team of financial services and cryptocurrency experts, we have built a one-stop-shop for everything from buying your coins to earning interest and using crypto credit cards in real time.

Unlike other solutions, these are not prepaid debit cards or crypto-rewards cards. A Connect Financial crypto credit card works exactly the same way as a regular fiat card -- with fewer barriers to entry.

The Connect Financial Mission

At Connect Financial, we empower people and businesses to do more with their digital assets. Crypto should not be limited to only those who day trade or understand the technology. Storing and using crypto-assets should be easy, secure, and fast.

We believe everyone should have:

  • Complete control of their crypto, money, and investments.

  • The ability to access the value of their cryptocurrency or stablecoins for purchases without needing to sell the underlying asset.

  • Security and control of their data and identity online.

  • Worldwide financial flexibility.

Through our rapidly growing ecosystem, individuals and businesses can use their crypto assets to unlock credit, store them securely in their wallets, and buy/sell/trade from one platform.

Our Vision

Our goal is to consistently push the boundaries of access to financial services and empower individuals to take their financial future into their own hands. We believe that through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency financial tools, more people will be able to leverage the many benefits crypto has to offer.

Our Purpose

Despite the yearly growth in crypto adoption worldwide, most projects use tokens or crypto as an asset class rather than liquid cash. A lack of viable options that provide the same convenience and ease of use as its fiat counterparts are mainly at fault.

Combined with technical jargon and clunky processes, the barrier to entry for cryptocurrency is high. Vendors and potential users alike aren’t interested in a product they can’t fully understand or use in regular transactions.

Connect Financial allows anyone to begin buying and using the cryptocurrency or fiat of their choice. With no credit checks and a simple application process, more creditworthy individuals who are unable to take advantage of traditional programs can get access to financial tools.

And that is our end goal. Through cryptocurrency, we can provide access to key financial services to millions of individuals worldwide.

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