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What does Connect Financial do to protect personal data?

The first step Connect Financial does to protect personal data is that we only collect personal data that is absolutely necessary to provide you with our services. All user data is encrypted and stored with one of our partners. The only information we maintain is your name, email, and other publicly identifiable information.

We follow all relevant industry standards and are PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant.

Database security

The databases that contain sensitive information are all encrypted and aren’t accessible from our website. This is done to ensure separation from the web and remove one of the most common cybersecurity breaches.

We develop with security-first principles at every layer of our software.

Document security

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a critical component of verifying your identity and to satisfy AML requirements. During this process, we will ask you to supply a selfie and one or more identity documents.

All personally identifiable information (e.g. your selfie, passport details, drivers licence, etc) is processed and stored by our specialist KYC/AML partner. Connect Financial does not have access to, nor holds your personal information.

Learn more about account verification.

Account security

When personal data leaks happen, they happen as a result of a third party gaining access to a user’s account and not as a database breach. This means that someone has gained access to the user’s personal sign-in credentials because the account wasn’t secured properly.

We recommend enabling our 2FA features and accessing your account via a bookmark to prevent such attacks.

To protect your account better follow these security basics.

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