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Connect Financial offers a range of custodial wallets with associated products to provide our customers with industry leading financial solutions.

Wallets fall into one of two categories:

Custodial, not insured

If you place funds into a general wallet, interest earning wallet or collateral wallet, we use those assets to provide liquidity and earn interest through short and long term commercial arrangements. We use revenues to provide our services to our users. This is a similar model used by most banks and financial institutions today.

We partner with leading digital asset custody providers that employ industry leading Multi-Party Computation (MPC) protocols. MPC means that keys are never held by a single entity, significantly increasing resistance to hacks while still retaining the convenience of instant access to the underlying assets.

Due to the deregulated and volatile nature of digital assets, funds held in these wallets are not insured.

Custodial and insured

If you deposit funds into a savings vault wallet, we store the full value of your digital assets in an offline cold storage facility. Due to the industry leading security related to the storage of Savings Vault wallets, we offer insurance up to $100M per account underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

Tokens & Liquidity

Tokens and the staking protocols leverage smart contracts built on the Etherium blockchain.

We use company profits to perform token buy-backs to ensure deep liquidity for CNFI token holders.

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