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Securing your Connect Financial account


To set solid security foundations for your account it’s important to start by choosing a unique password made up of different numbers, symbols, and lower and upper case letters.

We do not recommend reusing a password from another website. In the unfortunate event that a security breach occurs on that website that exposes your password, your Connect Financial account would also be unnecessarily compromised.

To make it easier to access your account we suggest using a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. These password managers will generate random, complex passwords and store them on your computer.

Please remember that Connect Financial employees will never ask for your password.

2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a multi-factor security measure that allows us to verify your identity instantly and helps to prevent fraud. Enabling 2FA can help you guard against phishing, brute-force attacks, and social engineering hacking attempts.

You can enable it while registering for an account or later in account settings. Most commonly users use either security keys like Yubico or Time-based one-time password (TOTP) with a mobile authenticator like Google authenticator.

Bookmark Connect Financial’s website (https://connect.financial)

One of the most common security breaches happens when users end up on websites that imitate other popular websites. When a user then tries to log in on this fake website, attackers steal their login information.

For this breach, attackers mimic the domain names of other websites with small barely noticeable changes. They typically use different letters/characters to make it seem like the web address is correct, when it’s actually a different site.

To make sure this never happens to you bookmark Connect Financial’s website and only access it by clicking on the bookmark.

What can I do if I notice suspicious activity on my Connect Financial account?

Account level suspicious activity

If you notice suspicious activity on your Connect Financial account, immediately contact the Customer Success team.

Examples include:

  • Unrecognised login activity

  • Unrequested changes to your account

  • Impersonators asking for a password or OTP

We also recommend that you change your password, just in case.

Card level suspicious activity

If you suspect unauthorised usage on your credit card, immediately call the customer service number on the back of your card. Please note that Customer Success are unable to provide transaction information, but we can help to block your card.

How can I spot online scams?

An important rule to keep in mind when dealing with things you see online is “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

The most common online scams are:

  • Someone emails you claiming there is an urgent issue and that immediate action is required to resolve it.

  • Sending links or files with malicious software inside from unofficial emails.

  • Someone contacts you claiming that there is an issue with your computer and that they need remote access to solve it.

  • Someone reaches out to you with an investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true.

  • Impersonating a popular account and urgently prompting you to send something like 1 ETH to their address under the premise that they will send 10 ETH back.

  • Cat phising scams, where someone you have met online but never in person asks you to pay for their plane ticket, hotel stay, or health issues, saying that they will surely pay you back.

Your account security is our first priority and we will never initiate an interaction to ask for personal information.

If you have called the correct Support number, we may ask a few questions to verify your identity and account ownership. But we will never ask you to reveal your password or your secret phrase for your crypto wallet.

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