The Connect Financial (CNFI) Token is the engine of our ecosystem.

While you don't need CNFI to sign up for a Connect Financial account, owning and staking CNFI allows you to access to higher account or card tiers.

How does CNFI work?

As a utility token, CNFI is linked to the Connect Financial blockchain and logs certain transactions.

As with all other ERC20 tokens, CNFI is used on an Ethereum blockchain. Through voting or staking CNFI, smart contracts are executed that allow certain actions to take place automatically, without the use of an intermediary. For example, as soon as you stake the required CNFI for a certain card tier, you will be automatically upgraded.

There are three main applications for the CNFI token:

  1. Passive ownership of CNFI

    When you buy and hold CNFI tokens, you become a passive part of the Connect Financial ecosystem. As with any other ERC20 token, CNFI can be bought and sold on the open market.

  2. Access to membership tiers

    When you stake CNFI (sCNFI), you become eligible to access membership benefits and and card level benefits.

    Learn more about Connect Financial membership.

  3. Passive rewards and treasury tokens (pCNFI)

    When you stake CNFI, you can choose to commit your stake for a set period of time, in order to be eligible for a staking rewards multiplier called an Evolution bonus.

    Regardless of whether you time lock your stake or not, you also participate in a treasury reward (pCNFI), distributed quarterly.

    Learn more about staking.

    Learn more about treasury rewards.

Where can I buy CNFI?

CNFI can be exchanged on Uniswap and Ascendex.

Connect Financial tokens may become available on other platforms in the future. Check back with us often.

Token metrics

You can see the breakdown of our token metrics below:

Total supply


Circulating suply


Initial membership


Market liquidity pool


Advisor pool


Team lockup


Reward/Card lockup


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