Can I unstake CNFI?

Users can choose to unstake their sCNFI at any time. However, if they choose to unstake before their staking period has been completed, there may be penalties, and you may lose your account level benefits.

What are the penalties for unstaking sCNFI?

Unstaking sCNFI may have impacts to your account and may incur additional penalties.

Account and credit card tier

You need to maintain the staking requirement in order to keep your account benefits. If your staked amount drops below the required staking level, the following may be impacted:

  • Your credit card tier may be downgraded

  • Your credit limit may be reduced or cancelled

  • Your credit rate may increase

  • Your credit card benefits may be reduced or cancelled

  • Your loan rates and fees may increase

  • Your APY rate may be decreased

  • You may need to pay more to buy and sell crypto

Account level






sCNFI required






Eligible card tier

Unstaking penalties

When you stake tokens you can choose a basic stake (not time locked), or an evolution stake, where you commit to staking tokens for a fixed period of time in return for a bonus Evolution Multiplier.

When you unstake, you may incur additional penalties, depending on how you have staked your tokens:

  • Basic Stakes (not time locked) - No additional penalty

  • Evolution Stakes (time locked) - An additional penalty of 2x total CNFI bonuses earned over the staking period will be incurred.

    For example, Jane locks in 5000 tokens for 12 months to earn a 15% evolution bonus on January 1. Over the next six months she earns 100 bonus CNFI. On July 30, she chooses to unstake all of her tokens. She incurs a penalty of 200 CNFI for early unstaking.

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How do I unstake CNFI?

You can unstake tokens from the Client Portal and from the Token Portal

  1. Login and authorise your wallet

  2. Select ‘Unstake’

  3. Choose the amount to unstake

  4. Agree to the penalties, if required

  5. Confirm the unstaking process

Your tokens are released instantly and you can withdraw or re-stake through the platform.

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