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Connect Financial offers a range of custodial wallets where you can buy, sell and exchange crypto assets, stablecoins and fiat currency.

How can I fund my wallet with cash?

When you open an account with Connect Financial, we also open a linked bank account that you can fund with cash in the same ways that you are already familiar with:

  • SWIFT transfer

  • SEPA transfer

  • Wire transfer

  • ACH (US customers only)

  • INTERAC (Canadian customers only)

Once cash has been transferred to your Connect Financial account, it will be added to your Unallocated Cash balance. It can then be used within the Connect Financial ecosystem.

In order to deposit fiat currency into your wallet, you must have completed the account verification process (KYC):


KYC Level 1

KYC Level 2

Deposit fiat

Not available



Withdraw fiat

Not available

$20,000 / day

$50,000,000 / day

Learn more about account verification.

How do I buy tokens and cryptocurrency?

You can purchase or trade crypto from within any wallet using a held balance of cash, crypto or stablecoins.

Simply log into your account, navigate to a wallet and select the 'buy' option from the menu.

What are the fees for buying crypto?

When you buy crypto with cash, you are charged a sliding conversion fee based on your membership tier.

Membership tier






Buy fee (fiat to crypto)






Sell fee (crypto to fiat)






Trade fee (crypto to crypto)






Fees are calculated as part of the purchase transaction.

What coins are available for purchase?

Connect Financial supports the buy, sell and trade of hundreds of coins and tokens across multiple networks. Most major pairs are available.

Note, not all tokens can be used to fund collateral wallets or take advantage of accrued interest from within an Earn wallet.

How are buy/sell/trade rates calculated?

We make an effort to offer the best possible rates on buying crypto, which depend on payment methods, the order size and market conditions including liquidity and volatility.

Rates are calculated at the time of purchase and are locked in for a few seconds before you confirm the buy order. We will automatically recalculate the buy rate if you miss the confirmation window.

Can I add crypto I bought on other platforms?

Yes. If you have bought cryptocurrency or ERC20 tokens from another platform, you can send them to your wallet address through your public key.

It is important that you only send tokens between addresses on the same network. Coins sent across networks may be irretrievably lost.

When can I buy cryptocurrency and tokens?

You can buy crypto every day, 24/7. Unlike traditional markets, crypto trading is available whenever you need to buy or sell.

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