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Getting started with wallets

There are four types of wallets in your Connect Financial account. Each has a specific purpose and can help you structure your digital assets according to your needs.

You can create unlimited wallets under a single account.









Withdraw ¹ ²

Line of credit

Earn rewards


¹ Collateral can be withdrawn from collateral wallets under certain circumstances. Learn more.

² Withdrawals from savings vault wallets take up to 72 hours and are subject to criteria. Learn more.

General wallets

If you’ve ever used a wallet on the blockchain, you’ll be familiar with our general transactional wallets.

General wallets are used for buying, selling, and exchanging crypto and stablecoins. These wallets do not earn interest, but can be used to conveniently send and receive cash and crypto.

Learn more about general wallets

Collateral wallets

When you hold crypto or stablecoins in a collateral wallet, you instantly receive a line of credit on your linked credit cards.

Whenever you apply for a new credit card, or you want to borrow against your crypto, you will receive a new collateral wallet.

Simply fund it with crypto, stablecoins or fiat for the linked card, and you’re good to go.

Learn more about collateral wallets

Learn more about the Connect Financial credit card

Staking wallets

As well as committing tokens on the Connect Financial platform to earn passive CNFI, you can choose to support eligible crypto projects by locking up digital assets in the staking wallet in return for rewards.

For example, you may choose to contribute towards the security and efficiency of the ETH 2.0 network in exchange for regular compounding rewards.

Learn more about staking rewards.

Savings vault wallets

Balances held in a saving vault wallet are held in a highly secure, offline storage facility.

Savings vault wallets offer unparalleled security and offer survivorship facilities, making them a consideration for generational wealth and estate planning.

Balances in savings vault wallets can be insured up to $100M per account for a small fee.

Due to the highly secure nature of savings vault wallets, it takes up to 72 hours for funds to be checked and verified before they can be withdrawn.

Learn more about savings vault wallets.

What payment methods can I use to fund my wallet?

Wallets can be funded in a number of ways:

How does Connect Financial manage security and fraud prevention?

Connect Financial follows all industry security standards to prevent fraud. Not only is our platform PCI-DSS Level I compliant, meaning that we comply with extensive regulation to protect sensitive data, we also include a number of safeguards on our platform. For example, on savings vault wallets, your funds are protected by offline storage, biometric entry-points, a faraday cage, and more.

In addition, through our security partnerships, the only information we maintain is your name, email, and other publicly identifiable information.

It’s important to note, that even if our security is one of the best in the industry, it’s critical that you also take measures to protect your data. We strongly recommend reading through our security recommendations and implementing them.

What are the fees and charges for using wallets?

You can choose to create unlimited wallets on your account. There are a number of fees that are charged when you use Connect Financial's products:

  • Buying, selling and trading crypto

  • Interest on purchases made on credit

  • Insurance premiums for savings vaults.

Buying, selling and trading crypto

Fees for converting between fiat and crypto depends on your account tier.

When you exchange crypto, you will need to pay the market rate, along with any additional network fees associated with the exchange.

Account tier






Buy fee (fiat to crypto)






Sell fee (crypto to fiat)






Trade fee (crypto to crypto)






Interest on purchases made on credit

Learn more about the fees and benefits of each account tier.

Insurance premiums for savings vaults.

Savings vault wallets can be insured for up to $100M per account.

Insurance premiums are charged based on your balance, and your account tier.

Also note that withdrawals from savings vaults are limited to one withdrawal per rolling three month period. Additional or expedited withdrawals may incur additional fees.

Learn more about savings vault wallets

How can I view and manage my wallet transactions?

If you log into your Connect Financial account, you can view your individual wallets and your transactions from the dashboard.

To query specific transactions on your credit card, call the number on the back of your Connect Financial card 24/7.

What coins can I add to my Connect Financial wallet?

Connect Financial supports a wide array of digital assets.

We divide them into two categories. Coins that can be used as collateral assets and transactional assets.

Coins as Collateral

You will be able to fund your collateral wallet with a number of crypto coins and stable coins. The exact list is dynamic and depends on market depth and conditions.

We will be adding support for additional coins as the product develops. Check back often to see what assets are available.

Please note, at this stage CNFI is not available to be added as collateral.

Transactional coins & tokens

Along with ETH, BTC, BCH, ADA, and USDC, Connect Financial’s buy, sell and exchange transactions is available for dozens of coins and tokens across multiple networks.

We’re always expanding our available crypto and token options, so stay updated by signing up to our mailing list and following us on Twitter.

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